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        1. Welcome to the web of concrete batching plant!

          Brick Making Machine

          ? Brick Making Machine

        2. Fly Ash Bricks Machine

          Brick Making Machine , , , ,

          Model: QT series
          Molding cycle: 15-20S
          Capacity: 720-2160Pcs/Hr
          Power: 20-48kw

          • Specifications
          • Models of Fly Ash Bricks Machine
          • Capacity of Fly Ash Brick Plant

          There are many core strengths of fly ash bricks machine?for sale from Haomei. Based on those strengths, our fly ash brick making machine?has longer service life and better performance. Fly ash bricks machine combines automatic and hydraulic skills that could manufacture good quality bricks taking fly ash, slag, concrete, concrete waste and mineral waste as raw materials. ??Meanwhile, the machine has the feature of advanced production technology, but also reuses fly ash to protect the environment, and it is very popular with customers.

          Fly ash bricks making machine is very suitable to produce all kinds of hollow or solid brick, with all kinds of raw material: clay, shale, coal slack, fly ash etc. According to the mobility, it is divided into mobile and stationary machine; due to the different modes of operation, the machines can be distributed into full-automatic and semi-automatic machine; according to the molding structure, it can be divided into mechanical and hydraulic machine.

          automatic brick machine price

          The progress of using fly ash brick making machine

          1, Crushing and grinding lime stone
          The raw materials of lime, gypsum and waste brick are broken by the jaw crusher and then go into the grinding head bin. The feeding machine at the bottom of the silo uniformly feeds the ball mill powder into the qualified powder to the dosing section.

          2, Stir ingredients
          Fly ash, furnace slag (or sand) are transported into the hopper by the car from the boiler of power plan. And the slag powder is sent to the horizontal mixer with water to be mixed even mixture in proportion according to the requirements of the slag powder.

          3, Eliminate aging
          The once stirred ash and slag mixture will enter the digestion and aging bin in a certain order. After a certain digestion and aging time, the mixture can be fed to the wheel roller for activation.

          4, Wheel mill activation
          After digestion and aging, the mixture is sent to the grinding machine for grinding and stirring, so as to damage the surface of raw material particles and expose them to new surface. At the same time, the mixture is mixed with water to meet the forming requirements of automatic plant for fly ash brick manufacturing. The mixture can be sent to the molding section.

          5, Pressing and forming
          The mixed material after being activated by the wheel is sent to the storage bin of the automatic fly ash brick plant, which is then pressurized by the brick machine to form the required brick. The brick is automatically stowed by the machine on the autoclave according to a certain code method. When the stacking is full, the blanks are pushed into the statically stowed marshalling lane, waiting to enter the autoclave for steaming and raising.

          brick making machine manufacturer

          Strengths of?Fly Ash Brick Machine Of Haomei
          1, Frame work structure of?fly ash brick making machine design.
          We have design?fly ash brick making machine into frame work type of structure. It has compact structure that has advantages of steadiness, good ability extension.

          2, Manufactured by High-quality manganese steel.
          We adopt thick manganese steel to manufacture high-class quality interlocking block machine. Honestly to say, there are 3 kinds of steels manufacturing brick machines, which are ordinary steel, carbon constructional steel and manganese steel. And the price of manganese steel fly ash brick machines are most expensive, while ordinary steel brick machines are the cheapest. So, in some degree, fly ask bricks machine price is fluctuating with the price of steels.

          3, Hydraulic transmission.
          Hydraulic fly ash brick making machine from Haomei group has been applied the technology of hydraulic transmission. The structure of hydraulic system is simple and light. With the help of it, fly ash bricks machines could act more steady performance, easy to operate and achieve complicated automatic working circulation.

          Model Dimensions Weight Molding cycle Pallet size Power The highest frequency
          QT3-15 4100×1600×3000mm 4.5t 15-20S 730×580×30mm 20kw 4800-5100(r/min)
          QT4-15 5420×1550×2940mm 6.5t 15-20S 850×570×30mm 20kw 4800-5100(r/min)
          QT6-15 6350×1680×2850mm 8t 15-20S 850×700×25mm 29kw 4800-5100(r/min)
          QT8-15 4750×2000×2950mm 10t 15-20S 1080×700×25mm 33.55kw 4800-5100(r/min)
          QT10-15 8200×2000×2950mm 11t 15-20S 1150×840×40 36.55kw 4800-5100(r/min)
          QT12-15 8200×2300×3000 13t 15-20S 1310×840×40mm 46kw 4800-5100(r/min)
          QT15-15 5700×2500×3400 16t 15-20S 1320×1100mm 48kw 4800-5100(r/min)
          Theoretical yield table
          Model Product name Product specifications Number per plate Block/h Block/8h
          QT3-15 block 390×190×190 3 540 4320
          brick 240×115×90 11 1980 15840
          standard bricks 240×115×53 22 3960 31680
          QT4-15 block 390×190×190 4 720 5760
          brick 240×115×90 12--14 2160--2520 17280--20160
          standard bricks 240×115×53 24--26 4320--4680 34560--37440
          QT6-15 block 390×190×190 6 1400-1080 11520-8640
          brick 240×115×90 15 3600-2700 28800-21600
          standard bricks 240×115×53 36 7920-5940 63360-47520
          QT8-15 block 390×190×190 8 1920-1440 15360-11520
          brick 240×115×90 22 5040-3780 40320-30240
          standard bricks 240×115×53 45 10080-7560 80640-60480
          QT10-15 block 390×190×190 10 2400-1800 19200-14400
          brick 240×115×90 27 5760-4320 46086-34560
          standard bricks 240×115×53 54 12240-9180 97920-73400
          QT12-15 block 390×190×190 12 2160 17280
          brick 240×115×90 30 7200 57600
          standard bricks 240×115×53 60 14400 115200
          QT15-15 block 390×190×190 15 2700 21600
          brick 240×115×90 40 9600 76800
          standard bricks 240×115×53 80 19200 153600

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